Monday, April 22, 2013

Patriotic Quilt

My friend approached me about a quilt top she needed quilted.  She started it when her oldest son was a baby.  This was a quilt that was taught in the one and only quilt class she has eve taken.  Her son was graduating and she wanted to finish it for him

The quilt was well done with the exception of the borders.  With the number of blocks she made it would fit a double bed.  Her son's bed is now a queen size and someone convinced her to turn the quilt sideways and add extra large borders on the long ends of the quilt in order to attempt to make it fit a queen.  It was not a pleasing look.... at all....

She gave the quilt to me and told me to do whatever I thought would look best.  She really didn't like the borders either.  In my usual style, I kept it in my studio for a time contemplating what to do.  I wanted the quilt to really reflect my friend's likes and personality.  She is a fellow Christian and very patriotic.  So I had a plan.  First, I whacked off the weird borders and made them all the same width.  Then I found a font that I liked and printed out the phrase "One Nation Under God."  I took the quilt to my place of work which has these amazing light tables.

I traced this phrase on both of the long ends of the borders.  Isn't this table amazing!!!  It really made this job easy.

I then used water soluble thread to stitch on the batting and cut away the excess batting in order to make the trapunto.  The plan is to have the words by somewhat subtle in the borders and just have them raised up as trapunto.

I'm pretty excited about it and can't wait to see how it quilts up.  I'll post more as progress is made.

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